Dell EMC VxRail aims to become the standard in hyper-converged infrastructure

The coronavirus pandemic has stunned the business community across the globe, forcing organizations to reevaluate and reconsider the established conventions of work. As the world grows ever more reliant on technology, putting immense costs on businesses that demand service and availability. A robust IT infrastructure is not cheap, and creating a business model that can support the complexities of implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) at scale is often a cost-prohibitive task. To gain a competitive advantage, organizations need a simpler, more streamlined VDI infrastructure that can deliver performance for small and large desktop deployments alike, while keeping it highly available and secure to make VDI deployments viable.

Jointly developed by Dell EMC and VMware, Dell EMC VxRail Appliances aim to become the standard in hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), ideal for a range of VDI environments, including those that start small and grow or require GPU acceleration. VxRail removes the complexities of having to stand up a new, traditional yet siloed, infrastructure to run VDI, dramatically speeding time to deployment and reducing costs.

High performance at a lower cost

VxRail Appliances seek to become the solution for organizations looking for the easiest and fastest way to implement a high performance VDI infrastructure.

VxRail integrates market-leading compute, including Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, VMware vSAN software-defined storage, vSphere virtualization, and management software from Dell EMC and VMware to provide a solid foundation for a VDI infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the flexible configuration options include all-flash nodes that feature enterprise data efficiency services and nodes that deliver purpose-built GPU hardware for graphics intensive virtual desktops. Built-in quality of service, as well as the ability to scale on a single node basis or expand storage capacity as needed, ensure optimum performance and capacity are virtually guaranteed whether deploying 100 or 1000 desktops.

VxRail’s highly redundant architecture, integrated Dell EMC data protection software and non-disruptive upgrades create certainty that your virtual desktops will always be available to end-users, even during boot storms or Microsoft Tuesday patch updates.

VxRail Appliances are available in a range of node options from 1U/1-node that are ideal for ROBO, through 2U, 4-node hybrid or all-flash building blocks. Built on the foundation of VMware vSAN and managed through the familiar VMware vCenter interface, VxRail Appliances provide customers the VMware experience they are familiar with while allowing them to take advantage of the hallmark benefits of Dell EMC, namely increased agility, simplified operations, and lower risk.

Future-proofing your organization

There is no going back to a time without technology. The way forward only signals a world that seamlessly blends the virtual world and the physical one. VxRail is a step towards that future.

Enabling you to reduce your VDI footprint and associated capital outlay, VxRail Appliances can help you make savings on power and infrastructure requirements while minimizing administrative burdens lowers operational costs. The modular, just-in-time purchase approach, including single-node scaling and storage capacity expansion empowers you to predictably evolve with a repeatable, simple and agile means to scale on demand as the number of users grow and requirements evolve. VxRail can host virtual desktops from VMware, Citrix and other VDI vendors.

Such capabilities all but ensure that VxRail can meet any performance and capacity demand associated with desktop growth and those that demand continuous hardware and software evolution. VxRail seamlessly integrates new enterprise class x86 and storage technologies, new flash storage technologies and nondisruptively updates to the latest VMware software available to ensure your VDI deployment can continuously modernize according to your needs.

In the Philippines, Integrated Computer Systems (ICS) is a certified partner for VxRail deployments, offering free VxRail on-site and online demos, as well as Proof of Concept for interested parties.

Learn more about Dell EMC VxRail VDI Solutions by talking to your contact person at Integrated Computer Systems, Inc., a Dell Technologies Titanium partner in the Philippines. You may also e-mail at, or visit the ICS website,