Nibertex, a pioneer in material science based in Singapore and the Philippines, recently closed an oversubscribed funding round led by Foxmont Capital Partners and backed by a consortium of notable strategic Southeast Asian families.

This influx of capital is set to fast-track the launch of their innovative and unique PFAS-free membrane technology. PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) is otherwise known as the “forever chemical” present in textiles with bonds so strong that it does not break down for hundreds of thousands of years, if at all.

Increased customer awareness and heightened regulatory focus away from these forever chemicals position Nibertex well to lead the market transition to a more sustainable way to have products that are both waterproof and breathable. Its proprietary solution does not have any forever chemicals and is thus an environmentally safe, high-performance alternative.

“We are not just meeting new regulations; we are setting a benchmark for sustainable innovation across industries,” says Jae Min Park, co-founder of Nibertex. “As a leading provider of PFAS-free solutions, we are ready to assist brands and manufacturers in moving away from these detrimental chemicals.”

The investment allows Nibertex to significantly increase its current capacity to meet more of the surging demand for their groundbreaking membrane. Beyond textiles, the technology is applicable in electronics, automotive, and construction, marking Nibertex as a vanguard of eco-friendly material science.

“It is incredibly exciting to see that a technology with the potential to be applied to so many different use cases at a global scale has come from the Philippines,” says Jelmer Ikink, founding partner at Foxmont Capital Partners. “After years of painstaking R&D they now have the product, experience, cost advantage, and clientele to change entire industries so that we can together help rid our daily lives of these harmful chemicals and we are keen to support them in that mission.”

Nibertex’s membrane is distinguished by its proprietary formulation, ensuring unparalleled breathability and water resistance without PFAS, thus fulfilling the pressing need for materials that meet strict environmental standards set by customers or governments.

“Our aim is to pioneer material science innovations that are environmentally sound, serve our customers, and positively impact society. This funding not only validates our technology but greatly strengthens our market presence,” says Jae Hyung Park, the other co-founder of Nibertex.