Multimedia Reporter

More and more individuals are paying keen attention to their health nowadays because of the continuous spread of Covid-19. This development has compelled companies to offer products and services that help address this issue.

One such company is KonsultaMD, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globe Telecom, which provides a convenient way to get health consultation for every Filipino, particularly relevant in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Globe and TM customers who subscribe to KonsultaMD may now get in touch with a doctor via the 79880 telehealth hotline without incurring mobile call charges.

Maridol D. Ylanan, CEO of Global Telehealth, Inc., said the company has decided to remove the Php 1 per minute charge for calls to the 79880 mobile hotline to make it easier for the public to avail of medical advice anytime they want to. “We want access to trained and licensed medical practitioners to be as easy, affordable, and convenient as possible for every Filipino especially these days when many people are afraid to leave their homes or visit the hospital because of Covid-19. Since there is no physical interaction with our doctors, our customers avoid exposure from other illnesses when they seek advice for their health-related symptoms or queries,” she said.

KonsultaMD is equipped with modules and internal protocols in handling different health issues, including Covid-19, and provides a telephone triage to determine whether a situation is an emergency or not. Its team of doctors can also offer general health information, guidance and specific measures, interim care and self-care recommendations, reading of laboratory and diagnostic results, health coaching and nutrition counseling, and permissible medication.

The platform offers unlimited immediate access to doctors 24/7 through flexible and affordable plans such as an individual subscription fee of Php 15 a week or Php 60 a month for Globe Prepaid and TM customers, deductible from their prepaid load.

Globe Postpaid customers have the option to subscribe to a Php 99 per week plan which may be extended to one additional family member or Php 150 per month with four extensions, chargeable to their monthly bill. Non-Globe and TM customers may also avail of KonsultaMD services through a one-year subscription of Php 150 per month for group or Php 60 a month for individual, payable via credit card or mobile money and subject to regular cell phone charges if call is via mobile.

Subscriptions may be done by visiting their website or calling 79880 toll-free via mobile for Globe and TM customers, or (02) 7798-8000 for non-subscribers.