Filipino Startup opened PH’s first 3D printing kiosk in Lipa

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Kezar3D Printing Services, currently the largest 3D printing startup in the Philippines, opened the first 3D printing kiosk in the Philippines in Robinsons Place Lipa on September 12, 2019.

CEO and General Manager Edward Solicito said that this event is a milestone, not just for the young technology startup but to the Philippine innovation ecosystem as a whole.

“Imagine a future where Filipino inventors or students or innovators just have to save their design in a flash drive, go to any Ayala, SM or Robinsons mall and have their prototype done in a couple of days. That is the future that we are building towards” Solicito said.

The Kezar3D kiosk which is a 2-meter by 2-meter kiosk has a built in 3D printing system that can receive, evaluate, quote and print 3D models, all within the premises of a mall. Its open design that puts an operating 3D printer in an aquarium-like enclosure allows Filipino mall-goers to see how 3D printing technology works. Multiple finished prints are also displayed and is allowed to be touched by anyone.

“Majority of Filipinos have never seen or touched a 3D printed product” said CEO and co-founder Edward Solicito. “We take it upon ourselves to make sure that this changes. We see Kezar3D as the startup who will make 3D printing accessible to all Filipinos.”

Kezar3D’s opening ceremonies was led by Lipa City Mayor Eric Africa and Lipa City Councilor Mikee Morada, together with the employees of Kezar3D and Kezar Innovations.

Kezar3D is set to open kiosks in Manila, Pampanga, Cebu and Davao from November to September next year.

Kezar3D currently have 41 remote sites all over Luzon and is valued at over 61 million pesos.