Earlier in May, Regtech startup UNAWA launched two digital solutions to aid businesses reopen and operate safely post-lockdown. SafePass and SafeForm are envisioned to help SMEs and large enterprises ensure the safety of their physical locations as well as their businesses’ digital data.


SafePass is an all-digital, contact-free authorizing, scheduling, and contact tracing platform. The system aims to help companies better manage their physical locations by allowing them to control the number of people in their premises, and by providing contact tracing capacities, notifying their customers should an incident arise from their location.

Among the platforms features are:

 – Scheduling and capacity management – for better implementation of physical distancing rules;
 – Guest reservation – for a more predictable visit for everyone;
 – Visitor health questionnaire – for the collection of health information from every visitor in an all-digital and contact-free way; and
 – Contact tracing analytics – for an improved incident management experience.

SafePass asserts they claim no ownership over the data they process. This information volunteered by users is to be used by the businesses only for contact tracing purposes.

Given the example of a grocery store using this system, UNAWA explains the user experience as follows:

End-users, whether customers (shoppers) or employees, will need to sign up for a SafePass QR from the establishment first. SafePass has a feature called Guest Reservation that will enable end-users (based on the Business’ subscription plan) to “reserve” his / her access to a specific establishment.

The grocery will need not email a health questionnaire, as this feature is built into the SafePass app. The questions include three specific questions related to: having fever over 37.5, experiencing symptoms (e.g. cough, vomiting), and contact with someone that has confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 or travel to another country.

You will not need to send a SMS to inform them of your preferred shopping time slot, nor will the grocery revert with a confirmation SMS.

Under the Guest Reservation feature, the user will be able to select the time slot to gain access / entry to the grocery, based on the time slots provided by the business. SafePass also allows admin operators (or those who will manage SafePass) to set the capacity per slot that it will define in its settings.

This Capacity Planning feature will help to minimize foot traffic and ease crowds. Scheduling and Capacity Management also help to make business more predictable.

If someone in the facility turns out to be COVID-19 positive or has confirmed diagnosis of COVID19, the system allows businesses to contact those who were in contact with said person provided that the information given is sufficient to trace the contact.

SafePass will be web-based, so will not need to be downloaded. Access via web browser is all that is needed. Once he/she receives a SafePass QR from a specific establishment, they may already be granted access to enter said establishment, given they meet the minimum health criteria.


The firm’s second offering, SafeForm, helps companies “take that next step in digital transformation” by enabling business owners to create digital forms or convert their analog forms to digital platforms. It allows for securing company data and contact-free transactions and processes through:

 – Digitization – transformation of analog forms and information into digital data;
 – Protection – protection of data and compliance with Philippine Data Privacy laws; and
 – Transaction – creation of e-signatures, etc. to make forms legally binding.

As with SafePass, SafeForm will likewise not own any consumer data.

The realities of the next normal

These two systems were born out of the health concerns, mobility restrictions, and the necessary shift to the digital economy. With both platforms, UNAWA aims to enable entrepreneurs to operate effectively in the next normal.

Winston Damarillo, Chief Strategy Officer of UNAWA and Executive Chairman of Amihan Global Strategies, said, “Gusto nating bigyan ng lakas ng loob ang ating mga negosyo para magbukas, at gusto nating bigyan ng tiwala ang ating mga consumers at pumunta at [tangkilikin ang] ating mga businesses.”

[“We want to give our entrepreneurs the courage to reopen, and we want to give our consumers the confidence to go and patronize these businesses.”]

The entry level plan for SafePass is free for one establishment. Scan the QR codes below to book a free demo for either system or email una@unawa.asia.