BRIA HOMES is looking to promote sustainability and environmental awareness with its virtual PlanTahanan Day event on June 30.

The event, which will be livestreamed at 10 a.m. on the BRIA Homes official Facebook Page, will tackle the themes of sustainability, wide open spaces, and benefits of trees.

Participants will learn how to “reduce their ecological footprints such as reusing and recycling, supporting local economies, eliminating plastic wastes, planting trees, and using mass transit — instead of driving — to nearby destinations.”

The event will also highlight open spaces at Bria Communities, as well as the importance of planting trees in these residential developments.

“We want to remind Filipinos of the amazing benefits of trees — how they generate oxygen, lessen greenhouse gases, reduce air and water pollution, prevent flood damage, provide natural habitats for animals, and offer generous shade that contribute to the comforts of living in a safe and clean environment,” Rizalito “Red” J. Rosales, president and CEO of Bria Homes, said in a statement.