The case for improving drunk driving laws in the Philippines

By AJ Montesa
In the Philippines, an average of over 10 people die every day due to road crashes. Of these, an estimated three deaths are attributable...

India’s voting machines are raising too many questions

By Andy Mukherjee
NOW that the quid pro quo in India’s opaque electoral funding has been exposed, electronic voting machines are the next port of call for...

Prevent heat-related illnesses

By Teodoro B. Padilla
The heat is still on as the Philippines rides through the summer months. Over the years, peak summer temperatures in the country have ranged...

Politics after business

By Diwa C. Guinigundo
He is indeed the last man standing in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. Duff McDonald wrote about him in his 2009 book...

Resilience through collective action: Responding to China’s gray-zone campaign

By Sherwin E. Ona
THE numerous collision and water cannon incidents against Philippine vessels by the Chinese Coast Guard and its maritime militia arm are raising tensions in...

Hail to the Minilateral Chiefs Biden, Kishida, and Marcos Jr.

By Andreas Kluth
THE pageantry unfolding in Washington this week, and again this summer, will speak volumes about the US and its changing role in the world,...

Cash is king but not for long

By Marvin Tort
In the Philippines, there is still a general preference for cash to pay for things. Cash is still king, for now. But this may...

Challenges and opportunities of Philippine economic digitalization

By Andrew Tsang
OVER the past few years, a substantial improvement in the Philippines’ digital infrastructure has paved the way for further digitalization in both the financial...

Philippine Energy Plan won’t ensure security

By Bienvenido S. Oplas, Jr.
The Philippine Electric Power Industry Forum (PEPIF) 2024 with the theme “Powering a sustainable and secure energy future for the country” held at the...

Introductory remarks

By Tony Samson
IN A ROOMFUL of strangers, especially those who already know one another by being part of a club, a newcomer’s self-introduction can be limited...

Agribusiness executives should be upskilled

By Bernardo M. Villegas
A positive sign that the administration of President Bongbong Marcos is on the way to improving the productivity of the agribusiness sector is the increasing number of Philippine conglomerates diversifying into agriculture and investing substantial amounts of long-term capital in the sector.

A new horizon of cooperation for Philippines, US and Japan

By Victor Andres C. Manhit
On April 11, the first trilateral leaders’ summit among the Philippines, United States and Japan will take place at the White House, to be...
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