By John Victor D. Ordoñez, Reporter

INVESTING in skills and development programs has been linked to productive work environments, according to workplace consultancy Great Place to Work.

“What we are seeing is that training and development programs build cultures of trust and learning that are important for employees to stay productive,” Great Place to Work Managing Partner and Principal Consultant Antoniette Mendoza-Talosig told BusinessWorld in an interview.

“Whenever we work with companies, they have a budget for these programs and this will be the way moving forward.”

Great Place to Work provides certification programs for small, medium, and large companies that are able to sustain high employee satisfaction. The firm also singles out companies that maintain excellent work environments based on employee surveys.

Ms. Talosig said these companies may use certifications to boost their brand and attract more high-caliber talent.

She said Great Place to Work plans to collaborate with the Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) on employee-based programs.

The International Labor Organization has recommended that employers increase access to skills training to ensure workers carry out their duties effectively and safely.

The Philippine unemployment rate hit a four-month high in January at 4.8% as temporary holiday jobs disappeared, the Philippine Statistics Authority said.

The DoLE has said it is working on narrowing the gap between worker skills and employer needs this year through upskilling programs.

The Philippines ranked 80th out of 133 countries in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2022, which assessed the ability of the various countries to attract and retain a skilled workforce.

“We see that among Filipino employees and workers in the Asia-Pacific region, they value strengthened collaboration with their employers to thrive in their respective workplaces,” Ms. Talosig said.