Last April 6, 2021, on a Tuesday afternoon, a fire broke out in Salcedo Village, Makati at the Vernida IV building. The fire had spread to the upper floors of the commercial building before it was put out by the city’s Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP). The high-rise located at L.P. Leviste street of Makati was declared fire out by 3:48 PM by firefighters.

The businesses and their corresponding office headquarters residing at the Vernida IV building had to quickly look for temporary workplaces for their workforce or have their entire staff return to working from home, after the place of work was struck by the recent fire. In response to this, the largest flexible workspace provider in the Philippines, KMC Solutions has offered up their workspaces so that affected tenants can continue to work in optimal work environments while Vernida’s building management plan for recovery and relocation for those that used to reside on the upper floors.

KMC Solutions has over 24 workspace locations around Metro Manila, Cebu, Clark, and Iloilo with 3 sites that are situated within the Makati Central Business District. The V Corporate Centre, Armstrong Corporate Centre, and Frabelle Corporate Plaza are all of KMC’s Makati locations are providing assistance through offering free 1 month use of their coworking spaces to these employees that are required to report on site.

After posting the announcement to the company’s social media pages last Tuesday that KMC would be opening its doors to all those affected, there are now 2 companies presently working in KMC’s spaces, not too far from where they used to operate.

The accounting firm, OO and Associates, we’re able to transfer 27 of their employees to the V Corporate Center, where they were able to occupy one of the flexible workspaces facility’s office rooms.

On the other hand, Elev8 Media Inc., a media company providing outdoor advertising solutions to businesses had 39 employees — all of whom were also able to successfully settle down in the V Corporate Centre as well.

As KMC Solutions continues to provide flexible and adaptable office solutions during the pandemic, the company also wanted to lend a helping hand given their capabilities and easy accessibility within the city of Makati. The flexible workspace provider continues to enable all teams to safely work in their office spaces, access the nearest coworking hubs, or have the ideal workspace setups right in their own homes through their services like the HQ, Hub, Home, and CASA by KMC.

KMC Solutions has over a decade of experience in delivering forward-thinking office spaces and high-performing teams to 400+ global brands and local businesses across multiple industries in the Philippines. With 55+ flexible workspaces in over 23 locations around Metro Manila, Cebu, Clark, and Iloilo, their expansive geographical footprint enables their clients to work in the most efficient, effective, and safest way possible. As the country’s largest flexible workspace and staff leasing provider, they are uniquely positioned to provide clients with the “who” and “where” they need to establish or grow their business in the Philippines.