From sensors to digital services

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Make Water 4.0 a reality with Netilion, the new IIoT ecosystem from Endress+Hauser

Digitization is one of the biggest buzzwords in the process industries. Some call it IIoT, some even Industry 4.0, meaning a fourth industrial revolution. And the wastewater industry is no exception. But what does it actually mean? Endress+Hauser has developed a new and easy to handle IIoT ecosystem named Netillion. It allows intelligent and networked applications to be realized around the Industrial Internet of Things. It currently has three Netilion Services available with Analytics, Health and Library.

Netilion Analytics provides you with an inventory of your production facility within a few minutes and thus gives you complete transparency. Based on the inventory, current optimization suggestions for your production plant are calculated for you at any time.
Netilion Health lets the assets in your production plant speak for themselves, so that you know immediately, at any time and from anywhere how your production facility is doing. If the assets aren’t doing so well, you’ll know the reason and what remedies there are.
Netilion Library makes the collective knowledge of your production facility available to all your employees immediately, at any time and from anywhere. You save valuable search time and archiving work.

With Endress+Hauser’s current Netilion offering, it has not stopped developing. It continuously strives to ease your business life. However, you may have specific requirements and needs which are not completely covered by its existing offering. Contact Endress+Hauser and its projects team will be delighted to support you in your success.

Data security is an important requirement in a world where networking is rapidly spreading into all areas of life. On one hand data exchange between companies is on the increase, but on the other protecting intellectual property remains an important goal. In order to ensure maximum data security, Endress+Hauser uses the most modern safety mechanisms.

• Use of state-of-the art encryption methods (HTTPS / TLS with SHA-256)
• Co-operation with certified data centers (e.g. ISO 27001) according to European law
• European server locations and a privacy policy according best practice guarantee a high level of data privacy
• Certification of the Endress+Hauser platform by the independent certification authority, licensed by “EuroCloud”

The main benefits of Water 4.0 are water safety and overall efficiency. As wastewater plants need to make sure, that their effluent is not polluting the environment, the use of live and digitally transmitted data gives them enough time to intervene if a problem occurs. Plus, in a wastewater plant not all critical measuring points are close by. By using digital communication of the measuring values, companies can save valuable time compared to having their employees controlling them manually.

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