Every time another Lunar New Year signs on, people who still subscribe to ancient Chinese beliefs wait for predictions based on the zodiac sign corresponding to their birth year. And as the Year of the Earth Pig ushers in, forecasts abound again.

The Pig is the 12th of all the zodiac signs in the Chinese calendar. According to chinesenewyear.net, myths tell that the pig got the last place since he arrived last in the Jade Emperor’s party, either because he overslept or he rebuilt his house after a wolf destroyed it.

Astrology Web site KarmaWeather, meanwhile, describes the Pig as “faithful in friendship, stylish, perfectionist, and hardworking. He is a tolerant being, recognized by his friends for his kindness and generosity.”

Even if the Pig is considered a dull animal in China (according to Travel China Guide) who “likes sleeping and eating and becomes fat” and sometimes depicts laziness and clumsiness, pigs symbolize wealth, and its chubby face and big ears signify fortune.

Since the Pig stands at the end of the cycle of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, KarmaWeather states that the Year of the Pig is a very fitting time “to make a well-deserved break” and “to carry out an in-depth review of the past years and build the reserves that are needed before the new cycle that starts” next year with the Year of The Rat.

The Web site continues in its Chinese horoscope for this year that all the zodiac signs can look forward to having a joyous 2019. It warned, however, “not to be numb by the promises of this happy and promising wind. On a personal level,” it continued, “well-considered actions shall be rewarded much more than risk-taking during the Year of the Pig 2019.”

Lest one might be swayed by the feeling of abundance and lightness, there is also a warning that one might possibly lack attention in managing a budget or lose money; but this year’s main element, Earth, which falls under the Yin polarity, “has the effect of stabilizing and fixing the often joyous and ephemeral year-long energies”.

Great year for business

Of course, local experts also have their fearless forecasts for this year. One of the country’s highly recognized feng shui master, Hanz Cua, gave his annual forecast, which was quoted by several news sources.

For Mr. Cua, the Year of the Pig “is the best time to be business-minded. The young generation could benefit from energy luck this year. There’s plenty of opportunity stars,” he said.

Another feng shui adviser, Johnson Chua, agrees with this. In an interview, he said 2019 is “going to be good for people who are planning to start their businesses.”

Mr. Cua also emphasized businesses which he predicted will be a hit and will become prosperous. These include “fire-related business like food and restaurants”; earth and water-related businesses like real estate, poultry, electronics and technology, and agriculture businesses; and online business.

He also predicted that the country’s economy “will be robust this year as the country continues to receive support from other countries.”

Meanwhile, Marites Allen, who is dubbed as “The Philippine Feng Shui Queen”, predicted that “upheavals may happen as economies of certain countries may be largely disrupted due to changes in rules and market conditions,” which may end up in companies losing revenues and profits and so closing.

Ms. Allen agreed with Mr. Cua on restaurants and commissaries prospering this year. In another news source, she added that other “[f]ire element industry businesses such as entertainment and fuel are also expected to have good opportunities all year long.” In terms of online business, she finds that “social media will continue to break the traditional way of marketing and doing business.”

Ms. Allen also predicts the popularity of businesses that have to do with healing and well-being, while she advised that entrepreneurs “can look out for possible mergers and acquisitions, which could be favorable for both large or small companies”.

With all these positive predictions in business, chinesenewyear.net advises that those born under the Pig’s year who are interested in business should be braver. “Take some risks in investments,” the website adds, “but to an extent. After some small obstacles, the road to wealth would be smooth.”

Individual forecasts

In terms of career, Mr. Cua predicted that “[w]omen will have more success and luck than men this year”. 

In the aspect of love, Mr. Chua finds that it will be good for all the signs, but it will be much more for those born in the Years of the Rabbit, Sheep, Tiger, Rat, and Dragon.

Ms. Allen and Mr. Chua, meanwhile, have specific forecasts for each sign. For the Year of the Rat, which is considered one of the luckiest zodiacs for 2019, great fortune awaits and networking abilities will bring about profit.

Those under the Ox and Tiger signs are advised to take care of their health to guard against the threat of illness.

The Rabbits, one of the Pig’s friends, are considered the luckiest, but it is also said that they will become hectic this year.

It will be a stroke of mixed luck for the Dragons, with “a chance of loss or fraud”. Watchfulness is advised.

Being an enemy of the pig, those born at the Snake’s year will have to counter conflict by being careful and keeping a low profile.

Those under the Horse zodiac can expect a heavy fortune, while the Sheeps can look forward to “spill over of opportunities”. Carefulness is advised for both.

The Monkey is another lucky zodiac, according to Mr. Chua. While luck is said to be on their side, Ms. Allen cautioned of “backstabbers”.

Roosters will need that “in-depth review” of the past years the most. “It’s the time to learn and let go of past mistakes. Changes within yourself should be made,” Ms. Allen advised.

Dogs gain fairly positive predictions, and are advised to stay focused and make good choices.

Lastly, Pigs need to be careful in spending and investment as well as protective in emotions. — Adrian Paul B. Conoza