CONVERGE ICT Solutions, Inc. announced on Wednesday an improvement in its network, saying it now has a better ability to address outages.

In an e-mailed statement, the fiber internet service provider said it had deployed a third core node to further improve its customers’ internet experience.

“A third core backbone node will enable a robust and redundant traffic routing in the network, making it more fault tolerant,” Converge ICT said.

“Previously, the main network backbone of Converge was connected to two core nodes located in Metro Manila and Pampanga. With the completion of a third core network backbone node last December, the Converge end-to-end pure fiber network becomes stronger and more resilient with a more efficient network traffic distribution and better ability to address outages,” it explained.

The company had experienced “power-related” issues in its data center in November affecting its subscribers nationwide. Converge Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dennis Anthony H. Uy said the company would put up another data center to address outages.

Mr. Uy said on Wednesday that Converge’s expansion efforts have been running at an “unprecedented pace.”

“We know that network capabilities need to be more, so we can serve everyone as best as we could,” he noted.

Converge recently deployed 34 broadband remote access server systems throughout Luzon to “help enhance customer internet experience as it increases reliability and decreases latency,” the company said. “Having installed in a geographically distributed architecture enables avoiding a single point of failure.”

The company announced in December that its subscribers had reached one million.

Converge ICT shares on Wednesday closed 0.80% lower at P14.84 apiece. — Arjay L. Balinbin