UNISYS CORP. has launched the latest version of its biometric identity management software, it said on Tuesday.

The company said in a statement that Unisys Stealth(identity) is scalable and brings biometric authentication and security to enterprises while offering identity-based protection capabilities, both on premises or in the cloud.

“Stealth(identity)’s adaptive, risk-based authentication simplifies security policies and works with existing infrastructure, leading to a lower total cost of ownership in managing the full lifecycle from identity proofing through authorization for access, all with a single platform. Additionally, support for single sign-on capabilities adds a layer of protection for any application within the enterprise that demands positive authentication,” Unisys said.

The firm said identity verification is important to businesses, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic, with businesses looking to use rapid COVID-19 testing results to protect consumers and keep their operations running.

Unisys said the new version uses “passive liveness detection,” including a managed identity interface that cross-references biometric results against existing records from fingerprint readers, scanners and other recognition methods used by an organization.

The update also includes network access control integration that allows for an exchange of data between the software and the firm to ensure that people attempting to access the network are employees with the appropriate access credentials.

“Identity fraud is growing in the Philippines and a recent study found that for every fraudulent transaction, the cost to businesses is actually 3.46 times the amount of the lost transaction value. Most of this type of fraud is due to poor authentication processes in business transactions,” said David Chadwick, Director of Identity & Biometrics for Unisys Asia-Pacific.

“Secure identity authentication is one of the most critical business challenges today, especially with many employees operating from home,” said Chris Kloes, vice president of Unisys Security Solutions. “Passwords and PINs can be forgotten, stolen, or spoofed. Stealth(identity) provides a cost-effective way to help defend against fraud and improper access, while an integrated biometrics platform makes the environment more secure while asking less of users — resulting in an improved user experience.”