THE YEAR 2020 opened with Netflix viewers still obsessed over the Korean drama Crash Landing on You, and romance was still the way to go for many viewers stuck indoors in this roller-coaster of a year, marked by volcanic eruptions, typhoons, and the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Romance viewing on Netflix Philippines in 2020 increased by almost 400% compared to 2019, with the Pinoy film Through Night and Day the most popular romantic title. K-dramas were still very popular — compared to 2019, K-drama viewing was up more than 350% in 2020, with Lee Min-Ho’s long-awaited comeback, The King: Eternal Monarch, reigning as the most popular K-Drama in the Philippine. Meanwhile, drama viewing was up more than 150%, with Enola Holmes the most popular drama title in the Philippines. Comedy viewing almost doubled from 2019 with the wacky antics of the boys in Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap attracting the most viewers. Oddly enough, in what has been a very scary year in real life, people opted for scares onscreen too, with horror viewing up more than 150%. Asian horror was popular, from Korean zombies in #Alive and Train to Busan, to the unsettling paranormal stories in Metamorphosis and The Maid. Thriller viewing more than doubled over 2019, with shows and films from all over the world attracting Pinoys — Spain’s Money Heist: Part 4 and The Platform, South Korea’s Kingdom: Season 2 and The Call, and American thrillers like Spenser Confidential and Dangerous Lies. Action viewing was up close to 200%, with the most popular action title on Netflix Philippines being Extraction. As children stayed home because of the quarantines, and with updated Parental Control features that rolled out this year, Netflix became the perfect destination for family entertainment in the Philippines, and the viewing doubled. 


Romance: Through Night and Day

Drama: Enola Holmes

K-Drama: The King: Eternal Monarch

Comedy: Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap

Kids & Family: Over the Moon

Action: Extraction

Thriller: Money Heist: Part 4

Horror: #Alive

Documentary: American Murder: The Family Next Door

Anime: Weathering With You