IF there’s anything good that came out of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic it’s that more people decided to try out their hand at businesses centered around something they love or enjoy doing. In the case of Bettina Sandiego, it’s deli meats.

“I’ve always loved deli since I was young. There would always be some sort of deli product in the fridge — ham, bacon, hotdogs, sausages. It’s convenient and it tastes delicious,” Ms. Sandiego told BusinessWorld in an e-mail interview on Nov. 17.

She recalled a conversation she had with her family over sausages and how hard it was to look for top-quality deli items while under community quarantine. That single conversation led her to create her own deli business, Delizioso.

“I’m very picky when it comes to my wine and deli, and during this pandemic, I couldn’t go out to personally handpick what I want. There’s also a lack of affordable premium wine and deli options online. Most of the choices are from specialty stores, which don’t come cheap,” she explained.

And because a “good business always offers solutions,” Ms. Sandiego decided to create a business (and partnered with a manufacturer) offering “affordable premium wine and deli products” which can be delivered to their customers’ homes on the same day in some locations.

“For us, premium does not mean expensive. We know the value of money, especially in a recession, so we want our clients to get the best out of their hard-earned money,” Ms. Sandiego said, before adding that none of their products costs more than P1,000.

Delizioso, because of its price point, caters to “young professionals looking for convenient food options, wives and moms making yummy meals, wine and deli lovers looking to have their own wine nights at home.”  “It’s a pretty broad market, but our communications remain universal: your happiness is on us,” she explained.

Delizioso offers a variety of sausages including bratwurst, kielbasa, and schublig for P275 per half kilo, a selection of wines (some of their Spanish wine cost P350 per bottle), cold cuts (their Jamon Serrano is P275/100 grams), and cheeses (their Manchego Trufado is P375/100 g).

She plans to expand the selection with other Italian and Filipino deli products by 2021, and since Christmas is coming up, Delizioso is currently offering holiday Deli Kits and do-it-yourself wine and deli kits for those who want to create their own charcuterie or grazing tables for the holidays.

Their DIY Deli Kit lets customers choose what wine, cheese, cold cuts, and sausages they want, as well as add-ons including nuts, fruits, and crostini. Customers can even choose their own packaging if they want to give the kits as gifts, from boxes to clear PVC tote bags.

Delizioso provides same-day delivery within Metro Manila and nearby provinces from 10 a.m.- 8 p.m., with pick-up points in Quezon City and Valenzuela. For orders, send them a message on their social accounts (Delizioso Premium Deli on both Facebook and Instagram)  or e-mail deliziosopremiumdeli@gmail.com. — Z.B. Chua