CENTURY PROPERTIES GROUP (CPG) is now using a new antigen test from the United States, the Sofia 2 SARS Antigen Fluorescent Immunoassay, as part of its coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) testing protocols for on-site company employees and construction workers.

In a statement, the property developer said this will be part of its three-level personnel screening protocols — after the Cellex rapid test and prior to the RT-PCR swab test, to further improve workplace safety.

“Fast and accurate results from this new test will allow us to act swiftly and prevent the spread of infection in our construction sites, communities, and offices,” CPG President and CEO Marco R. Antonio said.

The Sofia 2 detects active coronavirus in less than 20 minutes through painless swabs with 100% specificity and 96.7% accuracy. The test is manufactured by Quidel Corp. in California and is distributed by LabX Corp. It is approved by the Food and Drug Administrations of the United States and the Philippines.

CPG’s outpatient medical arts facility, Centuria Medical Makati, has partnered with LabX to open a drive-thru service for Sofia 2 in Century City for individuals and companies.

The listed property firm conducted COVID-19 rapid tests to more than 1,700 workers and site personnel from May to July before construction of its in-city vertical developments resumed.