THIS writer was sent a couple packages of Tiger Crackers to sample and upon tasting all three variants — ensaymada (a sweet bun), leche flan (creme caramel), and plain — the clear winner is the leche flan flavor because it really does taste kind of like the custard flan with its milky sweet taste. The ensaymada variant is okay, though it only tastes like the cheese topping on the ensaymada.

The plain crackers, while plain, are a bit different from the others on the market. Tiger Crackers is crunchier and airier than Skyflakes — probably due to the double fermentation process it undergoes. It also has a yeastier flavor, again, likely attributable to the fermentation process.

This writer also found it charming that each cracker can be broken into four separate little triangles unlike its competitors whose crackers break off in rectangles, though it is a given that it is harder to get a smooth break because of its crunchiness. In all, it’s a good cracker at a very good price point. — ZBC