A SON of former President Joseph E. Estrada yesterday denied violating lockdown rules when he gave away fish in his father’s hometown in Manila this month.

In a letter to the National Bureau of Investigation, former Senator Jose “Jinggoy” P. Estrada said he had followed quarantine protocols while distributing milkfish in San Juan City, where he and his father used to be mayors.

Mr. Estrada said he had a quarantine pass and was wearing a mask and personal protective equipment when he did the rounds. “Social distancing procedure was also observed,” he said.

The former senator, who is out on bail for a corruption case that accused him of stealing pork barrel funds in 2013, said he did not mean to violate lockdown rules.

“I do not think that helping feed the starving and poor is a violation of law,” he said in his letter.

Mr. Estrada was arrested on May 3 for breaching quarantine protocols in San Juan City. Government agents sent him a letter on May 15 asking him to explain.

Mr. Estrada, who like his father was an actor before becoming a politician, said he gave away excess fish that his mother had given him. Instead of letting the fish spoil, he gave them away to his constituents to “ease their hunger.” — Vann Marlo M. Villegas