PHILIPPINE GeoGreen, Inc. is hoping to encourage more Filipinos to adopt a sustainable lifestyle by introducing energy-saving and green products to the market.

“(The company) is determined to help more Filipinos embrace a sustainable lifestyle, whether in their own homes or in their businesses. This is why we have brought in many innovative solutions to the country. Over the past ten years, we have helped thousands of Filipinos discover sustainable and cutting edge solutions, and we would like to make this widely available to all. Our goal is to get everyone to cut back their carbon footprint,” architect and Philippine GeoGreen CEO Liza Crespo was quoted as saying in a statement.

Since 2009, the company has been the leading distributor green building products such as Big Ass Fans in the country.

Big Ass Fans, a Kentucky-based company, manufactures ceiling fans, lights and controls for industrial, commercial and residential.

One of its products is the Haiku, a small ceiling fan which generates a cooling effect that is 80% more efficient than conventional ceiling fan motors. It has voice control and smart thermostat integration for indoors, as well as remote and mobile app controls. The Haiku also exceeds Energy Star-registered requirements for ceiling fans from 2012 to 2018.

“I never had fans for this house before the Haiku came out,” Ms. Crespo said during a press event at her condominium in Pasig City. She said the Haiku complemented the minimalist aesthetic of her condominium, which is why she had several Haiku ceiling fans installed.

Tony Yeong, managing director of Big Ass Fans, explained the Haiku’s function and benefits.

“[You have to] understand the product more and how it actually fits into your lifestyle and embark on the journey of getting the first one, and then you eventually see the benefits with some device like a fan that provides ventilation and displacement, you can do a lot for the environment and also for your lifestyle,” Mr. Yeong told BusinessWorld.

Mr. Yeong explained that a Haiku for homes is smaller and faster, compared to industrial and commercial fans.

“It is not displacing air in terms of the wingspan. It needs to be faster because it’s smaller. As the fans is bigger, it goes slower because it displaces air with the wingspan itself,” he said.

Big Ass Fans is now focusing on promoting the smart home platform, which is activated through the Google Home app.

Mr. Yeong said Southeast Asia as a growing market for the US-based company.

“You can see more and more people buying new homes and bringing in new technologies. So, we believe that Big Ass Fans has a potential to grow,” he said.

Ms. Crespo said in the Philippines, most of their customers are those who are renovating their homes.

“Fifty percent of [who we sell to] are renovations. We had to take out their old fans and install the Haiku,” Ms. Crespo said. “A lot of the clients that we have worked with for the past 10 years are repeat clients. So [I guess] that’s a testament to the service that we provide. We try to build relationships rather than just pushing products.” — Michelle Anne P. Soliman