TECH START-UP Salarium said it launched the latest edition of its software that will ease the payroll preparation process, this time targeting larger companies.

On Thursday, Salarium launched Version 3.0 of its system, a scalable solution that can be customized to meet a company’s HR needs and integrated with other systems already in use.

Salarium’s systems are being used by 600 companies, mostly small and medium enterprises (SMEs) employing a total of 35,000 workers..

“What an SME wants and what a large enterprise wants are different things. Our Version 2.0 was made for SMEs. Which is why we built a different version for the large enterprise,” Salarium CEO and founder Judah Z. Hirsch told BusinessWorld on Thursday.

“We’ve been working hard to attract the large enterprises so we built a brand new system… making it much more reliable and global.”

Salarium Fintech Operations Head Marc De Juan said, “We are taking a proactive approach to data privacy and as well as a reactive approach (to contain risk from) data breaches or… data privacy. One of which is implementing the right technology in place which is robust enough (to resist attack).” — Gillian M. Cortez