The View From Taft

As part of our Integral Human Development class, we went on an exposure to GK Enchanted Farm in Angat, Bulacan. The professionalism and courteousness of everyone on the farm was both contagious and heartwarming and it was easy to see why there so many people who are involved in this social enterprise.

The stories of the people who are part of GK Enchanted Farm give others hope. Both speakers, the farm manager and our tour guide, talked about the early days of the GK Village and its evolution to the GK Farm University and other successful social enterprises. Both grew up here and have committed to serving their community.

Blessed and honored was how I felt for having an immersion with this social enterprise! I was inspired by how Tony Meloto, the founder of Gawad Kalinga, was able to help others. It was a short visit, but it was very enlightening. I was touched because the people at the farm were able to transform their lives via the different social enterprises that were established by brave social entrepreneurs. I marveled at the creative toys of Plush and Play and enjoyed our kesong puti making demonstration.

During the trip, I was able to feel the spirit of “bayanihan,” one of the most important values to every Filipino as it signifies our desire to help people in need, may they be less fortunate or not. It was great to see and fulfilling to know that there are people out there who help transform other peoples’ lives.

Each of us has the responsibility to help society and to lend a hand to our poor brothers and sisters. Aside from the goals we have for ourselves, I believe that we should have a goal of helping other people who are less privileged. We are morally responsible to continuously help those around us. I believe that we are blessed by God so we can also bless others the way they should be blessed.

Generosity does not mean we have to spoil the people in need and make them dependent on us. It does not mean they will not strive anymore to make their lives better since they will expect it to be done for them by others. It just means helping can come in different forms, not just financially. Giving advice or counselling, offering a shoulder to lean on and listening are also on the list of ways to help others. With this, we can simply give them a lift and let them know that they are not alone in their journey. All these can also be shared so they can feel God’s presence and blessings in their lives through us.

Moreover, I believe helping should not just be a one-time deal or a yearly activity. As part of the community, we play a big role in helping make things better in our society. If we always think that in life we just have to receive and not give, we cannot feel any fulfillment at all, neither we will feel blessed. Helping should not mean expecting something in return from the people we assisted. It must always come from the heart and just hope that the aid we provided will give them the confidence to get through whatever problems they are facing.

I believe that we are obliged to help the community because we are part of the community. As we help the community, we are helping part of ourselves. Our mindset should always be as what the saying says, “it is better to give, than to receive.” You never know what God has in store for you whenever you give.

Reflecting on it, I have decided to commit myself to:

1. Volunteer and take part in charity works.

2. Give back a percentage for every closed deal that I will have as a Real Estate Broker.

3. Open a savings account where I can gather all my donations.

4. Be helpful to other people even in little ways.

5. Plan and provide sales seminars for people where I can help equip them to know more about sales and to boost their morale and confidence so that when the time comes, they can, in turn help those in need.


Joey Estevez is an MBA student. This article is part of his reflections on his experiences in the course, Integral Human Development.