SOME 53% of women responding to a study said gender inequality is hindering their ability to access flexible work, according to the Avon Global Progress for Women report.

The beauty products company said some 18.6% of respondents also said they were hindered in starting businesses by gender inequality.

In a statement, Avon said respondents cited childcare responsibilities as among the factors obstructing their career and entrepreneurship goals.

“This research shows that we’re still a long way off gender equality. …we need to do more to create opportunities for women to contribute to the economy, participate in work, and realize their potential,” Avon Chief Executive Officer Kristof Neirynck said in a statement.

Global research company Censuswide surveyed 7,000 women from the UK, Italy, Romania, Poland, the Philippines, Turkey, and South Africa. The survey was conducted in December.

Globally, respondents who cited gender stereotypes as a barrier to equal opportunity totaled 89% in the latest sudy, up from 86% a year earlier. Those who perceive representation in business to favor men also increased 5 percentage points to 61% between studies.

Respondents citing gender pay gaps totaled 52% in the latest study, against 46% previously.

Avon, referring to a United Nations study, said women earn a third of the global income generated by labor and estimated that for each dollar earned by men, women earned 51 cents.

According to the Global Gender Report 2022 of the World Economic Forum, the Philippines was 19th out of 146 countries in the Global Gender Gap Index.

In the Avon report, women who cited difficulties in rising to senior positions accounted for 57% of all respondents.

Despite harassment and micro-aggressions in the workplace, some women described work as a place of refuge.

In the Philippines, 44% out the 1,000 respondents said they have seen a colleague who appeared to have suffered signs of domestic abuse, including physical injuries.

About 48.79% were confided in by a colleague about being abused by a partner at home.

The Philippine National Police recorded 13,122 cases of violence against women in 2023, 59% of which turned out to be in breach of the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act. — Aubrey Rose A. Inosante