POSSIBLE adjustments to the Philippine Energy Plan are in the works, with the Department of Energy (DoE) acknowledging that developments in the power industry are taking place faster than anticipated.

Patrick T. Aquino, director of the DoE’s Energy Utilization Management Bureau, made the remarks to reporters on the sidelines of Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit on Thursday, after being asked whether the new plan will include higher renewable energy (RE) targets.

“As mentioned by (Secretary Raphael P.M. Lotilla), there might be slight adjustments, tweaks… I would like to reiterate the developments (in the energy sector) are happening faster than we envisioned,” Mr. Aquino said.

The current share of RE in the power generation mix is 29.3%, Mr. Aquino said, adding that the DoE is optimistic of achieving its RE growth targets.

The latest edition of the Philippine Energy Plan has a 35% target for RE share by 2030, with a 50% target set for 2040.

“We will do the necessary revisions, and work with private sector partners to reflect what is really happening. There are consultations ongoing,” he added. 

The upcoming Philippine Energy Plan will seek to cover the years to 2050. The current plan only runs until 2040.

The DoE has said that it is considering a target of 2,400 megawatts for nuclear power capacity by 2035 when it issues the next energy roadmap. — Ashley Erika O. Jose