INCREASED investment by Globe Telecom, Inc. in its mobile and fixed networks led to a major improvement in the user experience of the company’s customer base, OpenSignal said in a report.

“During 2022, Globe improved its mobile network experience at the same time as it has focused on increased network investment. As a result, Globe has overtaken Smart to become the current most awarded in the Philippines,” OpenSignal said.

In the report, OpenSignal said Globe users were observed to have spent more time with active connections, and reported an improved video experience relative to customers of Smart Communications, Inc. and DITO Telecommunity Corp.

Last year, Globe invested P101.4 billion in its network and exceeded its rollout targets with 2,267 new 5G sites and more than 13,600 mobile sites upgraded to 4G.

OpenSignal said both Globe and Smart saw a large rise in mobile traffic in 2022 with year-on-year growth of 25% and 30%, respectively.

“With greater network usage, operators need to invest more to avoid increased congestion. If they don’t, then users’ network experience will suffer, and they will risk increased churn,” OpenSignal said.

It said the two most important metrics in the Philippines for user experience are perceived video quality and time with no signal.

Globe has the highest percentage of users at 88.3% experiencing less than 1% of their time with no signal.

In terms of video quality, an industry-leading 6.5% of Smart users reported excellent video experience. Globe topped the other categories with 41.2% of its users reporting very good video experience, while only 15.9% of its users reported poor video experience.

“This distribution indicates users on Globe will likely enjoy a more consistent video experience than users on Smart’s or DITO’s network,” OpenSignal said.

Meanwhile, it said DITO and Smart are playing catch up in terms of 4G signal strength as Globe users were found to be consistently spending less time with a poor network. — Justine Irish D. Tabile