SIX in 10 workers experienced income declines during the pandemic, according to a study conducted by the Philippine Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (PBCWE) and the Australian government.

The survey of 600 workers, 50% male and 50% female, was conducted  with Australian Aid and Investing in Women. Its results were issued Monday, the PBCWE said.

Survey participants were between 18 to 60 years old who were employed in large-scale private sector businesses. The survey was conducted between May 7 and 17. All participants were still employed during the lockdown.

“Among those surveyed, 63% of employees reported their jobs had been affected, with 21% reporting their job was suspended until further notice, 17% had reduced hours and less pay, and 13% forced to take unpaid leave,” it said.

The report also highlighted the mental well-being of the employees, with three out of four respondents saying financial strain caused by the virus negatively affected their mental well-being.

Four out of 10 participants also said there was a negative impact on their physical well-being because of the virus pandemic. They cited factors such as at-risk personal safety; inability to exercise; and  exhaustion due to domestic work.

Almost 70% of respondents said they were equally or more productive during the lockdown compared to before the crisis. Those who reported they were less productive cited inadequate facilities and anxiety about the crisis. — Gillian M. Cortez