DBDOYC, Inc., the company behind the Angkas motorcycle taxi app, said it has expanded its emergency response program to include a 24/7 team with trained professionals and collaboration with hospital and ambulance networks.

“We’ve broadened our training, acquired new equipment, and refined our skills to better handle potential emergencies,” Angkas Emergency Response Team (ERT) Lead Marlon Abilong said in a statement on Thursday.

The company said the enhancements to its ERT include 24/7 coverage by EMT (emergency medical technician) responders, “achieving an emergency response time of 15 to 30 minutes.”

“The program collaborates with numerous accessible hospitals and ambulance networks, and includes certified EMTs skilled in performing on-site responses that include real-time triaging and interventions,” it added.

Mr. Abilong said the ERT also facilitates insurance procurement for stakeholders when needed.

According to Angkas Biker Representative and certified EMT Bernabe “Jhun” Romerosa, the process starts with a call to the 24/7 emergency hot-line (Globe: 0917 3264 527 or Smart: 0918 9264 527) or support team, identifying the location and assessing the situation, and then dispatching an EMT to provide immediate care.

“If necessary, we have a backup or call an ambulance to transport the individual to the nearest hospital,” he added.

He also said that basic life support training and EMT certification are essential qualifications for the company’s ERT team.

“It took me about three months of study to get certified. However, certification alone is not enough; a genuine passion for responding to emergencies is crucial,” Mr. Romerosa said.

Angkas said it has clinics in Cainta and Makati, where checkups are available for bikers and families. This also includes basic life support and first aid training.

The company’s ERT is currently active in the National Capital Region (NCR), Cagayan de Oro (CdO), and Cebu City.

Additionally, there are plans in place to extend the operational reach to other locations, according to the company.

“Our Angkas Buhay patrols Metro Manila, and should we encounter anyone requiring medical attention due to an emergency, we are ready to assist,” Mr. Abilong said.

Mr. Romerosa also urged riders and passengers to stay vigilant and adhere to traffic regulations as a precautionary measure. “For bikers, simply follow traffic laws; and for passengers, avoid using cellphones while riding,” he said.

He noted that Angkas currently maintains a safety record of “99.997%.” — Aubrey Rose A. Inosante