BROADBAND internet service provider Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. said it will be maximizing Tableau, an analytics platform, in arriving at key business decisions.

The company said that it is aiming to leverage its collection of data to come up with “actionable insights in its operations.”

“The first order of business was to transform the data to be the ‘single source of truth’ for the company. Once that was put in place, the company was able to visualize a complete picture of our operations that allowed better efficiency from port utilization, turn-in, order fulfillment, account lifecycle, payment behavior, churn, and even collection performances,” Converge Chief Information Officer Ulysses C. Naguit said.

For Converge, Tableau helps in gathering, analyzing and visualizing the efforts and campaigns that worked at the operational level.

“Through visual analytics, we were able to make crucial business decisions just in time. It has led us to better allocation of resources and that includes plugging the cost drain brought by activities that weren’t helping the bottom line,” Mr. Naguit said.

“The world has changed over the last few years and every company has to do more with less as we navigate through multiple challenges in the macroeconomic landscape,” Tableau ASEAN Area Vice-President Akkasha Sultan said.

As businesses look to not only survive, but deliver success now and for the future, they need to undergo a data transformation that delivers actionable insights for decision-making,” he added.

Tableau is an analytics platform brand acquired by New York-listed Salesforce, which is a global leader in customer relationship management. — Justine Irish D. Tabile