TECH retailer Upson International Corp. will eliminate single-use plastic and paper bag packaging across its stores as it fully transitions to reusable bags.

“We recognize the need for businesses to help address the challenges facing our world today including global issues such as single-use packaging,” Upson President and Chief Executive Officer Arlene Louisa T. Sy said in a press release.

“We’re taking action, as appropriate, to reduce environmental damage and find new ways to continually make a positive impact for people and the planet,” Ms. Sy added.

The reusable bags are made from non-woven polypropylene which Upson said is more durable than single-use plastics and paper bags and can withstand handling and transport after being used multiple times.

As the production of cotton bags takes less energy, this results in lesser carbon emissions.

“There is also no clear answer on which bag is the best and most sustainable. But we keep working with customers to help reduce packaging waste. To this end, we provide an eco-friendly packaging that is suitable for our products,” Ms. Sy said.

Upson said that according to the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board standards, one of the material sustainability issues for retailers and distributors is the packaging.

This is why companies in the multiline and specialty retail industry are recommended to engage with suppliers in coming up with a strategy that will reduce the environmental impact of the products’ packaging.

According to Upson, among the strategies the retailers and suppliers can employ are optimizing packaging weight and volume and using environment-friendly materials for packaging.

Although the company recognizes the idea that environmental, social, and governance considerations will only become important in the long term, it said that it will continue evaluating the standards as a guide in its governance and reporting.

Upson offers its retail products through its stores: Octagon Computer Superstore, Micro Valley, and Gadget King. — Justine Irish D. Tabile