3M Philippines plans to hire a hundred more employees by the end of the year as the global company expands its service center in the country, the local unit’s top official said.

The company has 750 employees in its shared service center and another 150 in its sales and marketing arm, 3M Philippines Country Leader Reggie C. Pulumbarit said.

“By yearend, we do expect that to breach 1,000,” he said in a virtual interview on Thursday.

Most of the additional employees will be in the global service center, which handles internal finance, human resources, and information technology requirements for the international firm.

“We’ve managed to grow 30% in headcount over the last one and a half years. We did invite 200 plus [employees] so far to join the company,” he said.

Part of it is due to the availability of talent in the Philippines and the company’s aim of scaling up certain services to improve its business strategy, he added.

Globally, 3M Company sales went up 24.7% year on year to $8.9 billion in the second quarter after it declined 12.2% in the same three-month period in 2020 amid the global economic slowdown, according to its earnings reports.

Recent growth is largely driven by the resumption of manufacturing activity since the start of the pandemic.

“We do foresee that growth will continue over the coming period,” Mr. Pulumbarit said.

The local unit will have discussions with employees on hybrid remote and on-site work measures. As a result, Mr. Pulumbarit noted that the company is assessing “transforming” its office rather than reducing or expanding office workspaces while the headcount grows. — Jenina P. Ibañez