TV5 Network, Inc. will be adding more entertainment programs “next year” to attract more viewers, TV5 and CignalTV President and Chief Executive Officer Jane J. Basas said on Monday.

Asked if the network is planning to review its programming, Ms. Basas replied: “We are… So what we want to do is to really maximize the other blocks in our daily grid to make sure that it appeals to more and more customers.”

“Certainly not this year. This year is really a review of what has happened in the past. A review of what has worked and what has not. Most likely next year. Not even early first quarter,” she told reporters on the sidelines of the Smart “Get Gold!” launch event in Makati City on Monday.

Ms. Basas said the network’s strengths are its sports and news programs.

“We will stay that way,” she said, adding that the contract to air Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) games remains one of the company’s most profitable investments.

“Right now we do have the primetime dedicated to sports and that will stay. News will also have to stay at the current block, but everything else, from morning to late night, is open to entertainment,” Ms. Basas said.

Ms. Basas said the company’s financial performance has been improving.

“TV5 has improved on a year on year basis. In terms of losses, we have been able to manage the losses again because the decision to go into sports has actually allowed us to become more efficient on how we program the grid,” she said.

TV5 Network primarily broadcasts sports and news programs, through ESPN and News5. Its franchise was first granted in December 1994, under Republic Act No. 7831.

The network’s franchise was renewed for another 25 years after Republic Act (RA) No. 11320 lapsed into law on April 22, 2019, without President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s signature.

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