Rapid advancements in healthcare mean those with the resources to live in global centers are often able to live longer, healthier lives. But seldom to life-saving medicines and materials make it to the world’s most remote communities. That’s why Keller Rinaudo founded Zipline in 2014.

Zipline is the world’s first drone delivery service providing life-saving medicines to isolated communities otherwise considered unreachable. To date, they’ve made over 14,000 deliveries in areas across Rwanda and Ghana.

And now, Zipline hopes to expand operations into the Philippines, connecting those most in need with instant access to vital medical supplies.

Join Keller and SparkUp Editor Santiago Arnaiz in an Asia Society fireside chat about the future of healthcare services and building a more inclusive world with emerging technologies.

The event, “Future Forward: Drones and the Future of the Tech Revolution”, will take place on June 7, from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Common Ground, Arthaland Tower, 5th Avenue, Taguig.

Future Forward: Drones and the Future of Tech Revolution is co-presented by Asia Society Philippines and SparkUp, supported by Common Ground Coworking Space.

Pre-register here on or before June 5.