A survey conducted prior to the spread of the Delta variant and the resulting lockdown showed that seven in 10 Filipinos were optimistic about being able to travel domestically in 2021.  

The data from Agoda, the online travel booking platform that commissioned the survey, is based on the general sentiments for the year, collected prior to the surge in cases and enhanced community quarantine.

Released Aug. 17, the survey conducted by market research firm YouGov between June 10 and 14 — prior to the first locally transmitted case of the more contagious Delta coronavirus variant — found that almost half (or 47%) expect travel to resume domestically, with some restrictions.   

Three in ten Filipinos also expect to travel internationally within travel corridors before the end of the year, while 10% of 1,102 respondents expect to travel freely abroad.  

“Filipinos are biting at the bit to travel again. After a year or so of lockdowns, there is optimism that domestic travel will be restriction-free before the year’s end,” said Enric Casals Brufau, vice-president of Agoda’s Southeast Asia Partner Services, in a press statement.  

Other findings include:  

  • Forty-four percent of Filipinos intend to travel within four months of restrictions being lifted, with 26% intending to travel within the first month.  
  • Only 16% plan to put any domestic travel plans on hold until more of the population is vaccinated, with Gen Zs most likely to hold off any domestic travel at 20%.  
  • One in two Filipinos from Luzon think they can travel domestically by the end of 2021 with restrictions, with 28% thinking the same for international travel.  
  • Filipinos from Mindanao are most likely to think there will be no travel at all at 22%, compared to the market average of 17%.   


The “Next steps to travel” survey also picked up on the respondents’ sentiments about their families. Nearly half (48%) said they are most looking forward to taking a trip with their immediate family (partner and/or children), while one in five look forward to combining a trip with their family and friends.   

Millennials, in particular, are most looking forward to traveling with their immediate family at 56%. 

These sentiments on family connections were also reflected in a March survey by Airbnb, which found that 60% of Filipinos want to connect with their families — both immediate and extended — once travel resumes. — Patricia B. Mirasol