THE DRAMA anthology series I Can See You returns for its second season on GMA. I Can See You, which first premiered in Sept. 2020, uses gadgets and social media to introduce the plot of the story.

The second season of I Can See You premieres with the episode “On My Way to You!” on Mar. 22 on GMA Telebabad. Meanwhile, I Can See You Season 1 is now available on Netflix.

The series returns with “On My Way to You!” as the first episode. Directed by Mark Reyes, “On My Way to You!” follows Raki (played by Shaira Diaz) turning back while walking down the aisle on her wedding day. After the video of her running away goes viral, she takes a vacation to escape the digital noise and meets Jerrick (Ruru Madrid).

During an online press conference with the cast on Mar. 9, director Mark Reyes described the concept of the runaway bride as a “major issue” in Filipino culture as it is expected for the bride to meet the groom at the altar on the wedding day.

In the episode, the guests at the wedding take videos and photos of Raki and these are widely circulated online. “Now that there is social media… everyone in social media will feast on you,” Mr. Reyes said of the character.

Mr. Reyes added that each episode of the anthology series will explore a different genre such as mystery, adventure, and romance.

Joining the cast are Malou de Guzman Arra San Agustin, Gil Cuerva, Ashley Rivera, and Richard Yap. — MAP