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Working flexibly, sustainably: How to be a professional freelancer

Freelance collective organizes conference for financial freedom, literacy.

Demystifying art

Gallerist Tina Fernandez dreams of emptying her house and rotating works in her personal collection.

Shadow play

Photography by G-nie Arambulo of ADPHOTO, Inc. Styling by Nina Magdalen Diaz. Hair and Makeup by Genstein Yuzon-Griffin. Modeled by Anastasya Tanchuk of Women’s...

Ethical consumerism

When is shopping considered a good deed?

It’s a mall world, after all

A mall isn’t just a mall. It’s also a lifestyle destination with a waterpark, a football field, an open-air amphitheater, a botanical garden, and many other things.

CEO of Home, Inc.

A traditional butler is someone who devotes his life to supporting another.