White & Case goes beyond traditional employee engagement

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White & Case treated their employees and their families to a fun-filled day at Enchanted Kingdom.

In today’s changing world, doing business is no longer just about the bottom line. Younger employees are not as impressed with market share and profit margins. Pursuing one’s passion and finding your life’s purpose has become an ever-growing sentiment, particularly amongst the millennial generations and those that come after. The bottom line becomes the outcome of a successful business, not the sole goal.

This change in attitude and mind-set has prompted organizations to rethink their people management strategies. The importance of employee engagement cannot be overstated. More than rewards and recognition, employee engagement is about creating multiple touchpoints that build relationships and foster collaboration.

An engagement program that addresses the changing needs of our people could not work with a one-size fits all approach. To know what motivates them, we need to see them as individuals — not numbers on spreadsheets or organizational charts.

Engagement is also about giving back

The mind-set has switched from “What’s in it for me?” to “What can I do to make a positive difference on the world?” We take pride in the strong culture of community among our people; and we take that spirit of community beyond the confines of our four walls, into something far bigger — global citizenship. As global citizens, we believe it is our responsibility to help address the challenges and opportunities facing the world today.

World Vision

In 2017, we sponsored a total of one hundred children from the World Vision program. Fifty were sponsored by employees and another fifty by the organization.

My Dream in a Shoebox

Employees donated almost 2,000 shoeboxes of school supplies and gifts for underprivileged children.

Bahay Aruga

This free halfway house for pediatric cancer patients has been a regular beneficiary of our fund-raising activities for several years.

Green is Good

Our reforestation program for Ipo Watershed (a major source of potable drinking water for Metro Manila and surrounding areas) is done in partnership with the UP Mountaineers. Tree planting, nurturing of seedlings, educating the local community on the importance of environmental conservation and providing alternate livelihood opportunities are included.

Embracing diversity and inclusion

Our culture celebrates diversity and leverages on differences between individuals, making it instrumental to our success instead of becoming a deterrent to progress.

Customer Service Week

Employees, including third-party personnel (housekeeping, security, carpenters and drivers) were treated to a week of freebies and surprises, including the Cause for Applause Awards, which recognized outstanding individuals.

Family Fun Day

Enchanted Kingdom was opened exclusively to our employees for the first two hours to allow them to enjoy the rides and attractions with their families and friends. Park tickets, game and meal vouchers, Wizard Money and Coleman thermal bags were given to attendees. Free transportation was provided to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort.

White & Case Volleyball World Cup

A longstanding tradition at the Firm, this year’s event will be in Frankfurt Germany, where the Global Operations Center in Manila will send a team for the first time.

In it to Win it

This monthly themed salu-salo is hosted by different departments, but costs are covered by the Manila office. Employees get to experience what it’s like to run events for the organization.

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