Traveloka adds new mobile app features to help budget travelers

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Taguig City – Budget-conscious travelers will now have an easier time searching for affordable flights with the release of two new features from the Traveloka App. Airline and hotel ticketing service provider Traveloka has added the Price Alerts and the Best Price Finder features to its mobile app, allowing users to find flights that fit perfectly with their budget.

The exclusive app-only feature Price Alerts enables travelers to easily keep track of airfare ticket prices based on their desired destination and their budget. Once the user inputs their ideal ticket price for their travel routes, the app will automatically send a notification once an available flight falls within this price range.

This is especially useful for tourists who are traveling on a budget and want to get the most out of their expenses. The automatic notifications are also a great way to stay informed whenever an airline company is offering reduced ticket prices.

Best Price Finder, on the other hand, is a feature that lets users view the ticket prices of flights across multiple airlines and choose the one that best fits their budget. This feature displays all available flights to a particular destination in a calendar view format, making it easy to compare the different airline ticket prices across different dates.

Since both features allow a quick view of ticket prices across a specified period, it makes it very easy for users to keep an eye out for good travel deals. The app also has access to ticket price data across all major airlines, eliminating the need to go to each individual website to check the prices.

With the travel peak season attracting both foreign and local travelers, it’s especially difficult to find good travel deals during this time. The new Traveloka App features aim to help budget-conscious couples, families, and groups of friends plan their trips better, especially if the budget is one of the main concerns.

Traveloka is quickly gaining ground in Southeast Asia as one of the most prestigious online flight and hotel booking services. Its online platform offers over 100,000 flight routes and hotel accommodations globally for affordable prices.



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