SWS poll: 53% of Filipinos support divorce

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An average 53% of adult Filipinos nationwide support the legalization of divorce, the results of a poll by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) have shown.

To the test statement, “Married couples who have already separated and cannot reconcile anymore should be allowed to divorce so that they can get legally married again,” 53% agreed (30% strongly and 23% somewhat), and almost a third (32%) disagreed (10% somewhat and 22% strongly). Fifteen percent were undecided on the matter.

This gives a net agreement score (% agree minus % disagree) of +21, classified by SWS as moderately strong.

SWS noted that support for the legalization of divorce used to be split when it first conducted the survey in 2005: 43% agreed, 12% were undecided, and 45% disagreed, for a neutral net agreement of -2.

The question was asked for the second time six years after in 2011 and obtained moderately strong support. When it was asked for the third time three years after in 2014, it went to very strong and stayed at moderately strong up to 2017.