New online real estate platform launched in PHL

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By Mark Louis F. Ferrolino
Special Features Writer

A NEW online real estate platform hopes to revolutionize the local real estate industry, by creating an ecosystem linking property seekers with real estate professionals through technology

Launched on April 26, Housal, Inc. ( helps property buyers and tenants succeed in real estate investment from the offerings of top developers and property sellers in the country.

For developers, agencies and agents, on the other hand, Housal introduced an advanced sales tool to manage their real estate business.

“Our purpose is to help the entire real estate market go on the next level – make business easier [and] help them evolve to the next phase,” Housal Sales Director Maarten Pennings told BusinessWorld on the sidelines of the launch.

Housal is built by a team of real estate experts, technology specialists and management professionals. The concept has already gained attention from various venture capitalists and has secured $1-million investment from a private equity investor before launch.

Yogesh Mathur, chief executive officer of Housal, said in an interview that he started his career in the real estate and experienced challenges brought by unresponsive ecosystem, limited accessibility, and lack of technical support. This motivated him and the team to establish Housal two and a half years ago.

Housal’s solutions for real estate professionals seek to address these challenges and to operate a progressive and profitable real estate business.

For agencies and agents, the Housal mobile app gives them the opportunity to post unlimited listings. It also offers unlimited lead and customizable lead management solutions.

The advanced sales tool also includes a document management feature that allows real estate professionals access the documents anytime and anywhere.

To keep them updated with every aspect of the business process, the app has sales and commission management, and payment reminders features.

The app also comes with built-in tools like daily scheduler, task manager, and event calendar that allow real estate professionals to manage their tasks.

For developers, Housal facilitates live inventory management to keep them updated with their inventory.

Furthermore, Housal has a unique customer relationship management solution, built to understand the customers’ needs and behavior that give valuable insights to serve them better.

“Whatever you need is there. It’s a complete solution for real estate,” Mr. Mathur said. “Our solution connects dots in the real estate sector, which will make life easy for all stakeholders.”

Housal is set to launch in multiple locations around the world. “This is a Filipino company that will go globally,” Mr. Pennings said.