Lucio Tan: ‘I will never support any attempt to undermine those in power’

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Philippine Airlines Chairman Dr.Lucio Tan -- PAL PHOTO/RYAN LIM

TYCOON Lucio C. Tan in a statement on Thursday, Oct. 19, said “insinuations of his involvement in alleged efforts to destabilize government are false and without basis.”

Mr. Tan issued his statement in response to President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s linking the businessman to alleged destabilization efforts against the government, apart from tax liabilities from the Philippine Airlines enterprise that Mr. Duterte has raised against Mr. Tan.

“I have not and will never support any attempt to undermine duly constituted authority. That’s the plain and simple truth,” Mr. Tan said in his statement.

“I will not sacrifice everything I worked for, including my family’s honor, by supporting any attempt to undermine those in power,” he added.

The statement also said that Tan is only looking forward to an “easier” life in his later years.”

“He added that the Tan family and his group of companies have pledged and continue to support the administration of President Duterte,” the statement added. — Rosemarie A. Zamora