The industry’s youngest yet fastest

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PRIME Philippines has shown that quality of service is its core business practice. Consistently adhering to its mission of delivering innovative, effective, and personalized real estate solutions has proven that excellence is not measured by the years of operation but by a high sense of integrity and professionalism instilled in a company’s foundation.

Although relatively new in the industry, PRIME Philippines has managed to become one of the Philippines’ foremost authorities on real estate consultancy. With only four years in operation, PRIME Philippines has been recognized as one of the country’s fastest-growing commercial real estate consultancy firms. Supporting that recognition is the company’s bullish expansion into international territories in 2018.

PRIME Philippines provides real estate solutions to developers, investors, occupiers and land bankers, among many others. It specializes in brokering and selling big-ticket commercial properties, as well as providing office and retail leasing solutions. It also offers in-depth market insights and extensive consultation services under its research and advisory service to help clients make sound decisions.

The industry’s youngest yet fastest
Jettson Yu, founder and managing director of PRIME Philippines, addressing top business executives, delivering the real estate outlook for 2017 at the Shangri-La The Fort, Taguig City

The road from PRIME’s inception to the reputable firm it is today has been long and paved with diverse obstacles. Founder and managing director, Jettson Yu, started the company in a little office space in Quezon City on April 1, 2013 — a time when the city was running behind its urban neighbors, Makati City, Bonifacio Global City, Ortigas Center, to name a few, in terms of central-business-district recognition. As the youngest in the industry, with only a few resources, one employee, and an on-the-job trainee, Mr. Yu shared with BusinessWorld that he never thought that PRIME Philippines would grow at the rate it has had.

“When I started this company, I was 23 years old. It was overwhelming at first because no one seemed to take me seriously. I was talking to people who were twice, thrice my age. To build bridges of trust was very challenging. But what I learned in business is that integrity and delivering your commitment consistently overcomes all prejudice,” Mr. Yu said.

By abiding by these principles, focusing on clients’ primary concerns, and providing them with comprehensive and personalized services, PRIME Philippines grew exponentially and is continuously expanding its reach to more investors in and outside the country. Despite starting roughly four years ago, the company has already handled over 70 projects and excellently served more than 3,000 clients and accounts, resulting in a portfolio with combined sales and lease transactions of more than P18 billion.

Just last March, PRIME Philippines secured its roots in Davao, bringing top-of-the-line commercial real estate services to the flourishing region. The firm has received a warm welcome from local businessmen, demonstrated by securing its first exclusive leasing project in just two months since the expansion.

“Davao has been getting a great deal of attention from different investors even before. It is about time that we level up the game and bring in developed industry practices to attract and retain the interests of these stakeholders,”

The 27-year-old businessman shared that what sets PRIME Philippines apart from other real estate consulting giants is its relentless determination to improve its services. His team makes sure that they always offer modern and tailor-fit solutions applicable to today’s highly millennial-driven market. “We innovate on traditional practices, and invent better real estate solutions designed for the future.”

Being young, which Mr. Yu used to perceive as a weakness, is now the strength of the company. Clients choose PRIME Philippines because of its innovative solutions and new perspectives about the local real estate industry, as well as its ability to adapt to the changing landscape very quickly.

“Being the youngest in the industry is now our greatest strength. Because we are young, we have flexibility, we have the opportunity to reinvent the industry. Furthermore, we have the best and utmost authority to understand the millennial market, which ultimately holds the future of real estate,” Mr. Yu said.

Bigger things are in the horizon for PRIME Philippines. 2018 is the year the firm aims to open its first international office. Staying true to its commitment to spearhead the invention of modern real estate solutions, PRIME Philippines is confident and armed with a determination that success doesn’t always correlate with age.