Fresh funds injected into normalization process under peace deal

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PRESIDENTIAL ADVISER on the Peace Process Jesus G. Dureza said the new $3.2-million budget from the Mindanao Trust Fund (MTF) will help the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) continue their normalization work as part of the peace process. In a press statement released last week, Mr. Dureza said the MTF “will help improve the quality of life of people in conflict-affected areas through community participation and the pursuit of sustainable livelihood within a peaceful and deliberate society.” A separate statement from the World Bank (WB) announced that the Bangsamoro Development Agency, the development arm of the MILF, and the Community and Family Services International, a humanitarian group, are collaborating in the implementation of the $3.2 million grant from the MTF for Reconstruction and Development. WB said the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation is also providing another €1-million funding “to support similar activities.” The MTF, established in 2016, is a WB-administered fund being supported by the European Union and the governments of Australia, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, and the United States. — Carmelito Q. Francisco