The digital realm encompasses many doors that lead to abundant opportunities for every individual and institution. But in this vast space full of possibilities also lurk cyber threats that could attack and disrupt digital operations and damage an organization. Navigating the digital world thus stipulates arming oneself with tools, strategies, and knowledge on cybersecurity.

With more people and businesses have migrated to digital since 2020 due to the global pandemic also came the surge in cyber incidents. That year, malware and ransomware attacks soared by 358% and 435%, respectively, according to The Global Risks Report 2022 of the World Economic Forum (WEF). WEF’s report also stated that “cybersecurity threats are growing” and “outpacing societies’ ability to effectively prevent or respond to them.”

As digitalization continues to expand across the world, so do cyber risks, making cybersecurity critical to be constantly enhanced.

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