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Beyond the road less traveled


Taking Subaru vehicles on and off the pavement

THERE’S SOMETHING extra special about the idea of driving into the great outdoors and its promise of unforgettable experiences. Clearly, not every car is designed to be both a city driver and off-road adventurer; it’s usually one or the other.

Subaru vehicles are among those that can do both.

Keeping this special talent in mind, members of the media recently took off in various Subaru vehicles, heading for Camp Well River Valley in Tanay, Rizal. Camp Well is a lovely campsite tucked away along the banks of the Tanay River, amid the Sierra Madre mountain range. It is known among enthusiasts as a nice place for various outdoor activities, which include hiking, dirt biking, and off-road driving.

My team and I took off in a Subaru Crosstrek (the new Subaru XV), while others departed in a Subaru Forester or a Subaru Outback. It took us over three hours of driving to get to the destination, coming from Subaru Manila Bay, and the Crosstrek made the journey easy, as it offered a stable ride with good power both on the highway and off-road.

Of course, Subaru vehicles are known for their Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system, which provides exceptional traction and stability in all driving conditions. Basically, the system distributes power evenly to all of the vehicle’s wheels — effectively enhancing grip and handling, especially during off-road applications or even during inclement weather.

Moreover, Subaru’s horizontally opposed boxer engine offers a lower center of gravity for each vehicle, produces less overall vibration, and contributes to better driving dynamics. Subaru vehicles also carry the proprietary Eyesight Driver Assist Technology, which incorporates features such as adaptive cruise control, pre-collision braking, and lane departure assist to enhance driver confidence and mitigate the risk of accidents.

Then there’s Subaru’s X-Mode, a special feature which could be activated by a switch. Turning it on enhances traction, stability, and (ultimately) confidence when driving in challenging conditions. That’s because it automatically engages features such as hill descent control and Vehicle Dynamics Control, allowing drivers to focus more on navigating obstacles without having to worry about braking while descending steep inclines, or having to worry about losing traction or control while negotiating tough terrain.

The Subaru Outback blends comfort with capability and generous cabin space, the Forester effortlessly maneuvered through tight corners and narrow mountain passes while consistently delivering responsive performance, and the Crosstrek tackled rough terrain efficiently and with all the benefits of a modern crossover. All these vehicles also made it easy for drivers of any level to wade through a portion of the Tanay River at Camp Well.

To share the excitement of extraordinary adventures such as the one we had, Subaru Philippines is conducting a limited off-road drive series, called the Subaru Adventure Tour Drive. Here, interested participants get the chance to test the rugged capabilities of different Subaru vehicles in the exciting outdoors, which is partly where they excel. There will be one Adventure Tour Drive held in Bacolod on June 28, and one in Davao on Sept. 27. People interested in signing up to participate may simply visit their nearest Subaru dealership and reach out to an accredited agent.

“Get ready for an exhilarating off-road adventure with Subaru’s Adventure Tour Drive. Join us on Subaru’s rugged, adventure-ready vehicles on extreme terrain. This firsthand journey showcases the unmatched performance of our Subaru vehicles and pushes their capabilities to the limits,” remarked Tan Chong International Limited Deputy Chairman and Managing Director Glenn Tan during the sendoff activity at Subaru Manila Bay.

In a nutshell, Subaru vehicles are noted for their combination of performance, safety, durability and versatility into individual vehicles. They are a popular choice among drivers seeking dependable transportation that can handle a wide range of driving conditions and activities. With them, adventure is always a possibility.

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