Sojitz G Auto PHL VP for Vehicle Sales Reginald ‘Reggie’ See says the GX3 Pro allows Geely to compete in the A crossover segment

Interview by Kap Maceda Aguila

VELOCITY: Out of the Geely models still not here, why was the GX3 Pro chosen specifically to be launched in the Philippines now?

REGGIE SEE: There’s no Geely presence yet in the subcompact SUV segment, so we introduced this car to compete in that A segment. I think that with this car, with its higher ground clearance and features that it provides, it will compete well in the subcompact crossover category.

What are you seeing in this category that you’ve mentioned? Do you see a lot of movement or growth that makes you want to fill this gap? Are people looking for it, at least in the local market?

Yes. That’s one of the reasons why we’re bringing in this model. People are clamoring for it. We have people asking for a more value-added version of the Coolray.

In terms of the electrified offerings of Geely, are we going to see more hybrids or possibly even an EV soon?

Thank you for asking. Actually, that’s in the pipeline. As you know, Geely globally has a lot of EVs and hybrids in its lineup of models. So, we’re studying which models would best suit the Philippine market and in what price point we should come in with these models.

Having said that, can you say about the local market with regard to its appetite for hybrids and even full EVs? Of course, we’re seeing a growing number of brands already releasing electrified options.

It’s gaining momentum. Of course, the charging infrastructure is still not where we it to be. But I think we can slowly ease some EV products into the market right now.