PGA Cars Director Benedicto T. Coyiuto on the company’s new multi-brand space

Interview by Kap Maceda Aguila

VELOCITY: How did the idea of the PGA Cars Studio come about? How was its design and execution arrived upon?

BENEDICTO T. COYIUTO: When this huge facility became available to us, we immediately and completely rebuilt it into one that keeps to PGA Cars standards. The service center was the first to be constructed — fitted with the latest equipment adhering to the requirements of our brands. While doing this, the idea for a lifestyle center was also being considered. We wanted to reimagine traditional auto showrooms and make the customer journey quite different from what is usually found in dealerships. We would like guests to experience the luxurious features and to feel the passion of our brands in a more immersive but subtle way. Through what came to be known as PGA Cars Studio, we give guests a taste of the premium lifestyle that goes with our brands.

These basically dictated the design of the place. The materials — wood, metal, glass — reflect the textures and contours of our car models’ exteriors and cabins. The décor is automotive in theme, harmonizing classic and contemporary touches into a rich mix of opulent design.

How do you administer over a shared space for four independent, very distinct brands?

Balance is key. Yes, each of our brands has a distinct identity. But there are also common values between them, like a focus on heritage, technology and luxury. So at PGA Cars Studio, we take each brand’s identity and strengths, then blend both the shared and the contrasting characteristics to create an interesting venue where no one brand shines alone, but instead all brands are able to shine together.

It’s said that while there are several concepts in this setting, there are also no boundaries — which allows them to basically spill into one another in one seamless experience. Can you discuss this, please?

PGA Cars Studio’s car display area can be transformed into a theater or exhibition space, or expanded to accommodate additional cars, depending on the type of activity. The café space can also be adjusted to suit a cocktail party or a more formal dinner setting. Several walls of the venue are blank canvasses for art and multimedia installations. Should an event call for an even larger space, the mezzanine and the service facility can easily be set up to take in more guests. The spaces can adapt to casual or formal, daytime or evening settings. All these are possible because one concept within PGA Cars Studio does not disrupt, but rather complements, the other concepts. This allows the boundaries, the flexibility and capability for each one to flow onto the other.

How is the curation process like for what are featured in the Studio? Over the weeks, we’ve seen changes in the cars (and brands) on the showroom floor. How are the models chosen?

We curate the cars on display in such a way that the presentation always becomes interesting. Some of the factors considered are the activities lined up for a certain period, the guests who are expected to visit, or the latest models we feel are best to be highlighted. The selection changes nearly every day, so even regular guests can have an experience that is at once familiar and fresh. We consider the car display more like as an art installation, not static but dynamic.

How does PGA Cars Studio complement the fixed showroom spaces or locations of the four brands?

Our brands’ showrooms are well appointed, welcoming guests with premium amenities. PGA Cars Studio expands what are possible in showrooms by presenting not just the cars and their features, but also the wealth of experiences and delights that come with the ownership journey.

Can you tell us how Antonio’s was chosen as the dining/food locator?

Antonio’s in Tagaytay is as much a driving destination as it is a dining destination. Its status as one of the best restaurants not only in the Philippines, but also in Asia, makes it a top choice among diners who would not settle for nothing but the finest.

For our part, PGA Cars’ brands — Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini and Bentley — are undisputed leaders in their segments in the luxury market. This means that in choosing a restaurant group for the Studio, PGA Cars cannot go for anything less than the recognized leader in the field. This affiliation between a culinary institution and the global luxury powerhouses with which PGA Cars is a partner with is complimentary. Discerning guests can only benefit from the enhanced experiences PGA Cars Studio offers.