Still number one: Toyota Motor Philippines Corp. Chairman Alfred V. Ty speaks at a recent luncheon with members of the media. — PHOTO BY KAP MACEDA AGUILA

THE YEAR’s automotive sales numbers continue to exhibit robust numbers — steadily recovering from the dire economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, while still dampened by an ongoing semiconductor shortage and parts issue. The Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI) and Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA) revealed in a joint report that total new motor vehicle sales for November reached 35,037 units — representing 32.4% growth versus the 26,456 units sold in the same month in 2021.

Expressed CAMPI President Atty. Rommel Gutierrez in a release: “Auto sales performance has been improving, recording double-digit growths for nine successive months. With the continued growing consumer demand for new motor vehicles, the industry is convinced and confident in exceeding its sales forecast of 336,000 this year.”

Year to date (YTD), CAMPI and TMA member companies have registered total consolidated sales of 315,337 units — 31% more than the 240,642 sold over the same period in 2021. Of note, YTD passenger car sales have grown by a marginal 0.6% (77,283 vs. 76,813), commercial vehicles by a hefty 45.3% (238,054 vs. 163,829), and light commercial vehicles by an even bigger 48.5% (187,101 vs. 125,981).

Leading sales by brand is Toyota Motor Philippines Corp. — selling 16,449 units last month and accounting for 46.95% of total vehicle sales. It registered growth of 5.8% over the 15,541 vehicles sold in October this year. In second place is Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp. (MMPC), which moved 6,026 vehicles in November (up by nine percent month on month from 5,527 units in October). MMPC’s market share is 17.2%.

Ford Philippines holds third place with 2,805 units sold in November, up 16.8% over the 2,401 units sold in October; market share is eight percent. Suzuki Philippines is fourth for the month with 1,951 vehicles moved (+15.3% vs. 1,692 sold in the previous month), and mustered 5.57% of the market by volume. Completing the top five is Isuzu Philippines Corp., which sold 1,779 vehicles in November (+7.9% vs. 1,648 units in October), and cornered five percent of the market.

“The automotive industry underscores the importance of pent-up demand from consumers supported by continued economic recovery, boosting business and consumer confidence. These, alongside the containment of the pandemic, are significant factors toward sustained growth,” concluded Atty. Gutierrez. — Kap Maceda Aguila