Thoughts on Christmas

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Maria Victoria Rufino

Beyond Brushstrokes

On Christmas, we pray for spiritual grace, love, forgiveness and lasting world peace. We count our blessings and release all negative thoughts.

Here are wishes for all children who deserve to inherit a better world.

1. A home with loving parents who will guide and care for them. That all parents will lead by example and teach kids spiritual and family values, and good manners.

2. That all children will be safe from domestic violence and abuse.

3. Good health. That all children, especially in the rural areas, will have proper nourishment, medical and dental care to grow strong and healthy. That the essential vaccines to combat diseases will be available to all children especially in remote areas.

4. A pollution-free environment — clean air, pure water, open fields and parks with trees and flowers. That they may appreciate nature and learn how to protect the seas, rivers, lakes and forests.

5. Quality education. That the public school system will be upgraded with dedicated teachers, more classrooms and books for all. Mobile libraries and reading programs. That all kids will be given the opportunity to study and the chance to excel.

6. A comprehensive sports program for national and international competitions. That kids will learn the values of friendly competition and the art of winning and losing gracefully.

7. A gender discrimination-free society that will encourage girls and boys to aspire to become leaders in their chosen professions. The resources and opportunities to fulfill all their goals.

8. A progressive national arts and culture program and outreach projects to elevate the consciousness of children. That gifted children will be recognized and given the opportunity to develop their artistic talents.


9. More education grants for scholarships for deserving students in the best schools throughout the country.

10. Quality and balanced programming on television with more educational and wholesome entertaining shows. That producers will not exploit aspiring young performers in noontime shows.

11. An accelerated science, math, and technology educational program to equip all future graduates with the skills to work and compete in the international markets.

12. A stable economy. More jobs and livelihood programs so that the parents can earn enough to allow their children to go to school. That kids do not have to work or beg.

13. A country with visionary national leaders, hardworking, honest officials with wisdom, integrity and heart.

14. A safe, crime-free, drug-free, abuse-free environment. That all kids will be protected from the menace of incest, physical and emotional abuse and the scourge of drugs.

15. That children will not be used as soldiers in areas of armed conflict.

16. Freedom of expression. The right to be themselves. That adults realize that kids need respect and are entitled to be heard. Open communication with parents and teachers.

17. Innocence. A happy childhood and the chance to enjoy being a child. Time to play, study and rest. Above all, time to grow up — at their own pace.

“On n’est jamais si hereux ni si malhereux qu’on s’imagine.” (One is never so happy or so unhappy as one thinks.” — Francois, Duc de la Rochefoucauld (1613-1680), French writer

A Blessed Christmas to all!


Maria Victoria Rufino is an artist, writer and businesswoman. She is president and executive producer of Maverick Productions.