THE NATIONAL Electrification Administration (NEA) has evaluated the proposed joint venture agreement (JV) between Primelectric Holdings, Inc. and Central Negros Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Ceneco), carefully scrutinizing the JV’s implications amid the bid bolster consumer services.

In a media release on Monday, NEA Administrator Antonio C. Almeda said consumer concerns were considered in last week’s NEA board meeting. “I hope we can address the concerns of the oppositors. Regarding the participation of the Member-Consumer-Owners, it has been concluded during the plebiscite, so we will put this into motion with all the required legal objectivity,” he said.

The plebiscite results revealed 98,591 in favor, representing 55.31% of eligible voters, and 6,899 opposed the JV.

Primelectric President Roel Z. Castro announced a planned P2.1-billion investment in Negros Electric and Power Corp. (NEPC) to upgrade the distribution system. He says the investment aims to reduce system losses and enhance reliability without an immediate increase in consumer rates. 

Arnel L. Lapore, acting general manager of Ceneco, echoed support for the joint venture agreement, emphasizing its role in delivering efficient service for consumers.

“I’m one with NEA in facilitating the service for the benefit of our consumers. That’s why I strongly support and cooperate through this JVA to ensure we deliver quality operations internally and externally. Rest assured that we duly consider all the suggestions raised by Admin Almeda during the hearing,” Mr. Lapore said.

Mr. Castro also committed to achieving 100% electrification in the franchise area by 2028, shifting the funding responsibility from the government to the private sector through NEPC. Sheldeen Joy Talavera