THE PROVINCIAL government of Northern Samar said it welcomes the involvement of national agents in the investigation of the alleged anomalous transfer of coronavirus vaccines to a politician’s house.

“The provincial leadership will respect the course and outcome of the investigation and shall rely on the sound disposition of those entrusted with the process,” the local government said in a statement released late Monday.

Following a directive from Governor Edwin O. Ongchuan, the provincial health office has created an investigation committee that is conducting a probe parallel to that of the provincial board.

“This is a testament to the commitment of the provincial government to uphold integrity, honesty, and professionalism of all its officials and employees, while at the same time acting in accordance with the implementing rules and regulations of R.A. 7305 or The Magna Carta for Public Health Workers,” it said.

The provincial government also gave assurance of objectivity “in the treatment of the issue and will not tolerate any abuse of authority or breach of the protocols.”

A female doctor allegedly took 15 doses of SinoVac vaccines from the Northern Samar Provincial Hospital’s facility and brought these to the unnamed politician where members of the household were given the jab.

While the investigations are ongoing, the provincial government said the vaccination program “continues despite this setback.”

As of July 10, the province has received 57,084 vaccine doses, the second highest in the Eastern Visayas Region after Leyte with 67,120.

Of the total allocation, Northern Samar has administered 71.7% or 33,344 out of 46,502 for the first dose, and 58.8% or 12,352 of 21,012 for the second dose.

The region has since took delivery of additional SinoVac and Pfizer vaccines supply.

Northern Samar has a population of 639,186 as of the 2020 census. — MSJ