THE PHILIPPINE military recently received P48.5 million worth of new weapons and munitions from the United States, intended to strengthen counterterrorism measures.

The weapons, funded by a US grant assistance, was delivered on July 4 by officials of the Joint United States Military Assistance Group-Philippines (JUSMAG-P), the US Embassy in Manila said in a statement on Thursday.

The delivery made at Clark Air Base included fourteen M2A1 .50 caliber heavy machine guns, seve M240B machine guns, and thousands of rounds of ammunition.   

“As the United States and Philippines celebrate 75 years of diplomatic relations today, we welcome this key equipment transfer, which will support the continued readiness of the Armed Forces of the Philippines,” said JUSMAG-P Chief and Senior Defense Official to the Philippines Col. Stephen Ma.   

The American Embassy said the Philippines is the largest recipient of US military assistance in the Indo-Pacific, with over P48.6 billion received since 2015. — MSJ